Sweet Mysteries of Life

Let's "pretend" I don't know anything about wine, just for argument's sake. Now, how would you explain Malbec? Sure, deep reddish-purplish color, intense fruitiness, that's a good start. But how does a French varietal practically become the national wine of Argentina? Those two countries don't even share a border, do they? (Do they?) And what's this business about Pierre Galet documenting more than 1,000 synonyms for Malbec? How do you even know what you're drinking, and what you should be expecting taste-wise? This is why I drink water right from the tap — no confusion there. If you're "hypothetically" as wine-ignorant as I am (wink), consider attending Greetings from Argentina, a Malbec tasting event at Morton's of Chicago (7822 Bonhomme Avenue, Clayton; 314-725-4008 or www.mortons.com). You'll sample Malbec from Trapiche, Michael Torino and Broquel, enjoy Morton's signature hors d'oeuvres and learn to appreciate the mystery of this deep red wine. Reservations are $45 per person, and seating starts at 6 p.m.
Mon., June 8, 2009
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