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Week of September 14, 2005

Sep 14, 2005 at 4:00 am
Wednesday, September 14

All right, it's time to go see some princesses! No, we don't mean that some sort of authority has rounded up a bevy of those women who demand extravagant vacations and insist upon not working, then put these lazies in one place for us to mock; we're talking about real-life princesses! And they're at the Savvis Center (South 14th Street and Clark Avenue) Wednesday through Sunday, September 14 through 18 (visit for times). During the Disney on Ice Presents Princess Classics, you'll get to see some of the really nice, helpful princesses like Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan and Snow White -- so much fun, so many pretty voices! Tickets cost $14 to $47 at 314-241-1888 or

Thursday, September 15

If Mr. Night is destined to become famous for anything (anything other than his luxurious, forked beard, that is: a beard, it must be noted, that he anoints with scented oils and pieces of chocolate thrice weekly), it is his skinflint nature. Mr. Night is a damn proud cheapskate. So when the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra offers to play a free outdoor show at the base of Art Hill (just in front of the Saint Louis Art Museum;, you know Herr Nacht is down for the cause. At 7 p.m., new Music Director David Robertson takes up his baton and leads the SLSO through Copland's An Outdoor Overture, Rimsky-Korsakov's Capricio espangnol and Saint-Saëns' Havanaise -- for free, we must add again. Get to the park, bring a blanket and a picnic, and for a handful of Fig Newtons you may touch Mr. Night's beard.

Friday, September 16

Betcha on the fifth of May, you were sitting around drinking margaritas and thinking to yourself, "Now, this sip, this is for all the Mexican people who are free," as you proceeded to down the entire pitcher. But you were celebrating in error! Mexican Independence Day is today, September 16! Do over! Rectify your mistake, and head to Sociedad Mexicana of St. Louis' celebration honoring Mexican Independence Day at U Can Dance (3570 Adie Road, St. Ann; 314-209-9228). There, beginning at 7 p.m. you'll find five hours of beer, margaritas, a dinner show, dancers, the Latinos Romanticos and more! Admission is $20 to $25; call 636-561-2386 for more information and reservations. ¡Viva Mexico!

Saturday, September 17

Kimiko Yoshida's photographs are her attempt to recapture "a particular light which pervades Japanese homes." Being unfamiliar with the lighting concepts in vogue in foreign countries, we can't determine if she's been successful on that front in her show Birth of a Geisha. We can attest to the photographs' eye-popping beauty, however; her four-foot-by-four-foot self-portraits show a series of stylized brides and address the role of the feminine in Japanese culture. And they're gorgeous, too, suffused with a marvelous light and a sense of humor that is both inviting and slightly distancing; these brides are almost too beautiful to be approached, and yet you can't stop looking at them. Birth of a Geisha opens at the Ellen Curlee Gallery (1308A Washington Avenue; 314-241-1299 or with a 6 to 9 p.m. public reception and remains up through November 27.

Sunday, September 18

Ever since you read Black Beauty -- oh, so many years ago -- you have had a special place in your heart for horses. All horses, really. They are so beautiful and powerful, and they often have fascinating relationships with their human riders. See some of these relationships at the 28th annual St. Louis National Charity Horse Show, taking place at the National Equestrian Center (6880 Lake St. Louis Boulevard, Lake St. Louis; 636-561-8080 or This year the show benefits the Humane Society of Missouri's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in Union, which helps rehabilitate horses and other ranch animals. And just so you're aware, right now we're at the tail-end (ha!) of the five-day "Hunter/Jumper" show (who knew?), but all you actually need to know is that today is the Grand Prix, an event during which riders (and horses) will jump five-foot fences. (We imagine that this is quite difficult.) Admission to the 2 p.m. event is $5 to $10 (plus parking); call 636-938-4499 to make a purchase, and visit www.stlhorseshow .com for more information.

Monday, September 19

Avast, matey. It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and all the world should be speaking like scurvy dogs now. Why? No reason. Silliness be the sole reason for this ridiculous day. Where e'er the wind blows ye, be sure to pepper your speech with a flotilla of "yarrs" and "arrrs" and "yo-hos"! Not sure how to tell yer boatswain from yer belaying pin? Not to worry, me hearty: has pirate glossaries, pick-up lines and pirate-name generators. Deliver yer TPS report with a hearty sneer at the staff meeting! Order grog at the drive-through! Tell your significant other to prepare to be boarded! Yarr, it's a pirate's life for thee!

Tuesday, September 20

When he was but a lad, Mr. Night cried himself to sleep every day that he did not receive a glass armonica. This instrument, created by Benjamin Franklin, consists of glass bowls set on a spindle, and the tones made by applying pressure to the rotating bowls with the fingers are among the most heavenly sounds a person can hope to hear. It is the instrument Mr. Night was born to play. Alas, he never received his beloved armonica, but he hopes to make that dream a reality for some other young hopeful. How? By donating an instrument to the Music for Lifelong Achievement Instrument Drive. Won't you join him? Simply drop off a used or new instrument at a participating Starbucks, and not only do you receive a free beverage, you get to make the musical dream of a child a reality. If you don't have a spare armonica (or whatever), you can donate cash. Visit for more information on the drive, which runs through October 26.