Tie One On

The Blacktie Foundation Charity Ball approaches -- make sure there's nothing stuck in your teeth!

Jul 20, 2005 at 4:00 am
Everyone's had this fear at one time or another -- and, unfortunately, the worst has happened to you. You'd prepared all week for your first big gala: manicure, pedicure, clothing consultations, shoe-and-handbag pep talks. Now it was time for the main event. You touched up your lipstick on your way out the door and thought to yourself, "Tonight, I will be photographed by the infamous Harry Bean's (pictured) Blacktie-St. Louis, and I will look good." Then, off to the fundraiser you went. When you arrived, you were photographed not once, but several times, and you could hardly wait to check out your paparazzi shots, immortalized online at www.blacktie-stlouis.com. But sadly, when you finally saw the pics, you discovered that...you have a bad side! Who knew?! Now, every time anyone looks up your name on the popular society Web site, they, too, see your bad side! You need damage control, and fast!

Put your best face forward and head to the only place where you are guaranteed to be photographed again for Blacktie: the Blacktie Foundation Charity Ball at Ameristar Casino St. Charles (1260 South Main Street). This fundraising event of a lifetime -- proceeds benefit 323 charities (!) -- encourages you to wear the ever-popular "creative black-tie" matched with your craziest shoes. You can do that! And do it well: You could be one of the six who wins $8,000 for your originality!

And just to be sure you're noticed, showcase your outrageous ensemble on the dance floors of the casino's bars and restaurants -- the ubiquitous Fabulous Motown Revue and Erin Bode are just some of the musicians performing. Also, smile as you watch the Chinese dragons, get your palm read, bid on silent-auction items, and take in the other sites and sounds of the night. And most important, be sure you nibble on delectable dishes such as seared scallops and lamb chops, and tasty treats like make-your-own sundaes. Notice we said "nibble" -- you don't want the cameras catching you with your mouth full! (Or after a few too many trips to the "cosmopolitan luge"; trust us, drunk doesn't usually make for pretty pictures.)

To purchase tickets for this evening of extravagance, happening from 6 to 10 p.m. Sunday, July 24, visit www.blacktie-stlouis.com/gala or call 314-652-4600. Tickets cost a pricey $100 to $150, but your photographic reputation -- and the charities' causes -- are definitely worth it.