Toothsome Fun

It's be adult swim from here on out

Jun 25, 2008 at 4:00 am
Jaws, or to use the comical French title, La Dents de la Mer, Steven Spielberg's blockbuster about a great white shark that develops a taste for swimmers — and grizzled sea captains, and boats, and oxygen tanks — ruined swimming for a generation of children. Once you've heard the iconic John Williams terror-bass riff that presages the apocalypse chomp, you'd sooner sign up for summer school than stick a toe in the hydro. Who would screen the Scared Straight of swimming at a body of water? It's like showing Airport '77 on a trans-Atlantic flight. And yet tonight at about 8:30 p.m., the Movies Around Missouri series brings Jaws to an outdoor screen at the Heman Park Pool (7200 Olive Boulevard, University City; 314-664-4430 or Is this just a clever scheme to have July and August be 'round-the-clock adult swim? Perhaps. The film — which we must stress, is terrifying good fun — is free to attend, and you're welcome to bring food and beverages (no bottles, but sushi is apropos). Maybe a spear gun, too, just in case.
Sat., June 28, 2008