True St. Louisans Will Love This Christmas Tree 'Arnament'

Wow, that is one arange arnament right there

Nov 18, 2022 at 8:01 am
Well, this is clever.

STL-Style (3159 Cherokee Street, has released a new product that is the perfect little Christmas gift for your favorite St. Louis native.

It’s a City of St. Louis “arnament” for your Christmas tree. That's right, not an ornament but an arnament because that’s how we pronounce it here in the Lou.

Marketed as “the perfect accessory to give your holiday season a St. Louis accent,” the arnament is "arange" in color, shatterproof and over three inches wide.

Priced at $11.95, this little gift is sure to bring a giggle for years to come. Your partner will talk about it while eating with a fark, your kids will be discussing it while driving down highway farty-far and your neighbors will point with glee to the arnament over thurr.

You can pick one up at the Stylehouse or visit to arder one for delivery.

Twitter update 8:28 a.m. from STL-Style: "Well, that was fast...Due to overwhelming demand, we SOLD OUT of our City of St. Louis Arnaments in 24 hrs!! Move over, Taylor Swift! Don't worry- a big shipment on the way- xpected in-stock 12/21/22. PRE-ORDER TODAY!"

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