Uncivil War

Apr 1, 2009 at 4:00 am
Pro-skateboarder-turned-director Stacy Peralta's new film, Crips and Bloods: Made in America, traces LA's gang culture from its meager beginnings to the present-day epidemic, when murder is part of a chilling daily routine. Peralta gained unprecedented access to both gangs, and members tell their stories in their own words; the film also offers analysis from gang-prevention experts. Narrated by Forest Whitaker, the film drops the viewer into the thick of the 40-year struggle and posits a strong argument that the strife in South Central Los Angeles is a war on the scale of Kosovo or Northern Ireland. A free screening of Crips and Bloods begins at 7 p.m. at the Missouri History Museum (Lindell Boulevard and DeBaliviere Avenue; 314-746-4599 or www.mohistory.org). A panel discussion with Denise DeCou of the National Conference for Community and Justice of Metropolitan St. Louis and Larry Bastain, a local documentary filmmaker, follows the screening.
Thu., April 2, 2009