Video Shows St. Louis Legend Pole Vaulting in South City Alley

Aug 8, 2019 at 1:04 pm

Check out this inspired display of athleticism. One of our sources in Princeton Heights posted a video to Facebook yesterday showing a man who appeared to be practicing pole vaulting in a south city alley.

The clip shows the man sprinting at full-speed down the lane carrying a pole as if he’s about to launch himself straight into an Olympic gold medal.

The person who shot the video said he’s been at it for weeks and that the run doesn’t end with a just-out-of-sight leap into a sandbox, pool or dumpster, but that he just stops running where they alley ends.

“There's nowhere to vault to,” they said, “He just runs and stops at the end of the alley like ten times.”

After studying this six-second clip like it was the Zapruder Film, we here at the RFT have decided that this man is either a LARP-er or he’s in training for American Ninja Warrior. (The nightmare scenario is that he's trapped in the alley, and he's desperately trying to escape.) In any case, we wish him the best. Godspeed, alley legend.

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