Woodsy Folk

Apr 21, 2010 at 4:00 am
Just in time for Earth Day, two very eco-friendly cyclists arrive in the Southwest Garden neighborhood tonight to beautify the area for the next three to five years, or until they decompose — whichever comes first. Critical Mass: Midnight Ramble, an eco-sculpture created by Agnieszka Gradzik and Wiktor Szostalo as part of the duo's continuing Tree Hugger Project, depicts two human forms constructed from twigs, branches, vines and other natural materials standing with their bicycles. Gradzik and Szostalo have built similar sculptures around the world to remind people that we come from the earth and we return to the earth. In between, we should appreciate our planet and serve as stewards for its continued good health. Critical Mass: Midnight Ramble was commissioned by the Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association, and tonight at 6 p.m. the group unveils the installation at a free public ceremony. Walk or ride your bike to the corner of Shaw Boulevard and Vandeventer Avenue and welcome the new neighbors — they're just like you, even if they appear a bit stiff at first glance.
Fri., April 23, 2010