WWE in the House

And it's a house of pain

SUN 3/28

Man, you must have really done something to piss off WrestleMania, because the WWE is bringing "WrestleMania Revenge" to the Savvis Center (14th and Clark streets). No one is quite sure why the wildly successful WrestleMania is seeking revenge, especially after a record-breaking $2.4 million gate at Madison Square Garden on March 14. Maybe the old World Championship Wrestling Starrcade isn't returning phone calls anymore or has deleted WrestleMania from its Friendster list or is talking smack to NWA Wildside about how fat and ugly WrestleMania is now that it's reached the ripe old age of twenty.

Whatever the reason, the WWE "WrestleMania Revenge" house show is bringing current RAW World Heavyweight Champion "Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit, agitator and former champ Triple H (he looms at right) and a host of other challengers to the Savvis. A house show is different from what you would see on TV, because it's not televised and lacks the excessive pyrotechnics and pageantry. What you do get, though, is professional athletes doing what they do best: telling stories in the ring. Removed from the constraints of having to fill TV time, the wrestlers are given the opportunity to fully explore their art form and interact with the crowd in a more relaxed format. Well, relaxed for pro wrestling. The show starts at 2 p.m., and tickets (available through Ticketmaster at 314-241-1888) are $20 to $40. -- Erik Carlson

It Only Gets Wurst
Hermann celebrates sausage

Hermann traditionally makes a strong bid to be the Sausage Capital of Missouri with its annual Wurstfest (held on Saturday, March 27, and Sunday, March 28, call 800-932-8687 for info), but this might be the year Hermann gains recognition as the Sausage Capital of the United States. The fan-favorite events remain on the bill, including Saturday's sausage-making competition, the Brat Knot-Tying Contest, the traditional music of the Rhineland Wurstjaegers, Sunday's Wiener Dog Derby and "Longest Wiener Dog" Contest and, of course, yards and yards of delicious sausage in all its many mouthwatering forms (bratwurst, leberwurst and even the exotic Schwartenmagen), along with a startling new development: This year, in a move Gary Larson would applaud, the 'Fest includes Art Unleashed: Canine Colors, an exhibit of wiener-dog-inspired art. These are tears of joy, honestly. -- Paul Friswold

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