You Can't Say That in Church!

After viewing parts of the New Line Theatre's production, Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke today agreed to drop his bid for a permanent injunction that would have barred the play from opening as scheduled.

No s**! No d****! And absolutely no r*** & r***!
No s**! No d****! And absolutely no r*** & r***!

No s**! No d****! And absolutely no r*** & r***!
The crux of the matter is the show's location: The Ivory Theatre, formerly St. Boniface Catholic Church. When developer Pete Rothschild bought the church from the Archdiocese in 2005, he agreed to a deed restriction, which stipulated the church would not be used as a venue for performances geared toward "an adult audience rather than the general public."

"When I bought the church, I signed this thing. It's a little bit broad. They didn't want strip clubs and topless joints," says Rothschild. "Then this show comes along. In truth, it's completely innocuous. But then they saw the ad in Alive magazine that said, 'Leave the kids at home.' New Line's ad called it 'adult entertainment,' and they freaked out."

So, what else is verboten in churches the Archdiocese has cut loose from the flock? Well, according to documents filed in the Archdiocese's request for a restraining order, the owner of the building formerly known as St. Boniface Catholic Church cannot:

"use the name St. Boniface or any derivative thereof in connection with any operations or activities on the subject Property"


"use the Property or any portion thereof as a facility, place of business or other place in which: (a) a congregation, society or other assemblage of persons meets for worship or other religious observance or activities, promoted or defined as Roman Catholic, but not possessing the express ecclesiastical approval of the Roman Catholic Church; (b) human abortion, sterilization, euthanasia or other acts which are contrary to the Ethical and Religious Directive for Catholic Health Care Services promulgated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops... (c) pornographic or soft pornographic books, pictures, discs or other media or materials directed to an adult rather than a general audience... (d) massages or tattoos are provided; (e) a tavern, bar, night club, dance club or dance hall is operated, or in which is operated a restaurant in which alcoholic beverages are sold and served."

-Malcolm Gay

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