You Down with ITP?

Yeah, you know me

New Year's Eve, despite all the manufactured hoopla about how exciting it is, rarely deviates from its tired story line. People show up, they drink, they count backward from ten, somebody throws up, and everybody tries to get home safely and without catching an STD. Only 1999's celebration held any real suspense, because of that whole Y2K thing (memo to 1999: Were we all taking crazy pills?). But at the Immediacy Theatre Project's 24/6, the outcome of the evening is unknown by all but a handful of actors. Six ten-minute-long plays will be written, cast, rehearsed and then performed in a 24-hour timeframe. What are the plays about? Who are the actors? Will there be punch and pie? No one in heaven or Earth has any idea right now, except about the punch and pie bit. A post-show reception with hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar in honor of ITP's fourth anniversary — and the new year, natch — serves as the arty types' version of punch and pie. The show starts at 9 p.m. at Soulard Preservation Hall (1921 South Ninth Street), and tickets ($15) are available through
Wed., Dec. 31, 2008
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