Best Of 2000

Best Radio Personality: Frank O. Pinion

Best, funniest -- it's all the same. Need a stress-buster on the way home from work? Try Frank O. Pinion's "large morning show in the afternoon," weekdays on KTRS (550 AM). If you see folks in their cars between 2 and 6:30 p.m. laughing hysterically for no apparent reason, they're probably listening to Frank. The Tennessee native has bounced around the dial here for 20 years, his longest stints being at the old KUSA and KIX, but to pigeonhole him as a country-music-station DJ would be rank injustice. Whatever he does, he is first and foremost Frank O. Pinion, deft dialogue-monger, master of goofball humor and joke-teller par excellence. Frank is abetted by partners-in-crime Dan Strauss, Terry Dailey, Karen Vail and Ian "the Peon" Geisz, with call-ins from semi-regulars the Rev. Mike Anderson, Bernice from the Country and Reggie "aw-right-den" McDaniels. There is no music, though many sound effects punctuate the show. Callers offer salutations with "I'm a.m. in the p.m.," which in turn elicits a taped "hallelujah." It's a great gimmick for building solidarity. In fact, there is a definite feeling among Frank's listeners that they are members of some zany club. Although the content varies from day to day, there is the regular running shtick that people anticipate -- the "springing boner" sound played when guys say hi to Karen, the joke of the day around 5:30, the surprise bite interjected in the middle of Willie Nelson's "Sunny Side of the Street" at the start of the show. Frank is the grand pooh-bah of all this nonsense, his brand of bullshit always bright and brash, shining through like a sunbeam in a nut factory.