Best Of 2000

Best Cookies: Dad's Cookie Co.

With its glass display cases and marble counters, this cookie store is a trip back in time. Dad's Cookie Co. has been at the same South St. Louis location since 1938, when Henry Renz Sr., a baker, bought the franchise from Carpenter's Ice Cream on Goodfellow Avenue. The business is now run by a third generation of the Renz family. Here, you can buy a variety of tasty, crunchy cookies, from the "Original Scotch Oatmeal" -- a recipe that arrived in the U.S. from Scotland around 1900 -- to coconut melties, chocolate chip, peanut butter, double chocolate, butter bridge or banana oatmeal. The cookies come wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, or in glass cookie jars or handle-topped cardboard boxes. A 3-pound assortment of some six dozen cookies costs just $11.

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