Best Of 2000

Best Vacant Building: 710 N. 15th St.

Though the Washington Avenue club district seems to be less thriving than its boosters would have us believe, a few weirdo spots in the area, in the land grab and club fiesta currently under way, should be developed, and we're baffled as to why they're not. The best of the lot is 710 N. 15th St., the most beautifully humble building in the district, nestled right behind Tangerine, due east of the City Museum. Its art-deco façade, all straight lines and understated artistry, is unique and striking; the angular window bars are worth the asking price alone. Built in the mid-'20s as a Union Electric substation, the inside is one huge room, perfect for a simple bar and dance-floor setup, and the dungeonesque basement could serve as a wonderful chill-out room (or S/M den). Sure, it's a tad impractical: Though it stands two stories tall, it's only one story inside, and as a result the 30-foot ceilings would be a beast to cool or heat. But what's more important, beauty or practicality?

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