Best Of 2001

Best Rock-Music Programming: KDHX (88.1 FM)

Rock may be the best-selling genre of music -- with rap nudging ever closer in second place and what passes for country music coming in a distant third -- but the rock fan's choice of commercial-radio fare is mostly limited to mainstream pap, endorsed by clueless executives and puréed to a predictable corporate mush. Whether the target demographic is paunchy boomers with fond memories of Kansas concerts or pissed-off suburban teenboys in Limp Bizkit T-shirts, commercial rock radio is about as rock as a stockbroker in a minivan. The only place for real rock radio is KDHX (which is also the only place for real country radio, or real Juju/Highlife radio, or real Eastern European radio -- you get the picture). Tune in to Mike DeLeon's Mindfield and hear Hawkwind segué seamlessly into the Strangulated Beatoffs. Catch Cat Pick's Emotional Rescue as she serves up Rufus Wainwright, Sunny Day Real Estate and local favorites the Fantasy Four. Check out a live punk-rock outfit on the Super Fun Happy Hour, or bang your head against your bong as Queens of the Stone Age blasts the Head Shop. Whether it's emo-core or stoner-sludge, '70s punk or twee-pop, rockabilly or math-rock, prog or psychedelia, garage or shoegazer, you'll find what you're looking for on one of KDHX's many fine, surprisingly far-ranging rock programs.

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