Best Of 2001

Best New Place For Frozen Custard: Whistle Stop

The Whistle Stop, located at Ferguson's historic train depot near the intersection of Florissant and Carson roads, offers some of the tastiest frozen treats around. Basic flavors are chocolate and vanilla; toppings include standard syrups, candies, fruits and nuts. Two Ferguson couples, the Jameses and the Cunninghams, launched the business earlier this year in conjunction with the reopening of the landmark train depot. They took a course in ice-cream-making, and the result has been an instant hit with the locals, many of whom still pined for Turner's, a Ferguson custard stand that closed in the early 1990s. The Whistle Stop borrows heavily on the railroad theme: concrete and sundae specials bear train-related names. Our particular favorite is the Conductor, a strawberry-and-hot-fudge concrete that in a healthy-sized regular serving costs $3.10. Although the heart-stopping, waistline-expanding custard is worth the trip, visitors get the extra bonus of viewing train- and Ferguson-related memorabilia that offer a glimpse at life in the North County burg 100 years ago.

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