Best Of 2001

Best Place To Buy Rock: Kirkwood Material

The soft stuff's easy: Plop down a few squares of zoysia; plant some daisies and petunias. But who wants a garden soft as Silly Putty? You need rock -- cobbles, flagstone, river stones around a pond. Slate edging for those petunias. Maybe a boulder or two for effect; it intimidates your neighbors. You can start by raiding little Billy's rock collection, but you'll end up at Kirkwood Material, wandering happy among chicken-wired stands of fiery rust and blue Plumbwood rock from Idaho, misty-rose flagstone and golden quartz, Royal Gorge boulders you could build a church on, purple-veined cobbles chipped from the Grand Canyon and silvery-gray feather rocks that look as if they came from the moon. Rock on.

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