Best Of 2001

Best Restaurant Restroom: Remy's Kitchen & Wine Bar

Cleanliness is a given in washrooms, or it should be. When it comes to the complete bathroom experience in hygiene and ambience, try the ladies' room at Remy's. Remy's owners moved ahead of the bathroom pack when they designed a bathroom of function, funk and interest. With art objects and kitsch encased in a glass display box on one wall and interesting oddities all around, they've transformed a bathroom into a powder room. Counters are clean, and the hand lotion flows. Although the stalls are metal, not like private ones in the ladies at the Ritz-Carlton or the chic individual rooms at Plaza Frontenac, Remy's ladies' room goes beyond a filled soap dispenser, ample towels and extra toilet paper. Where else can you find just the right lighting above the mirror to flatter any face?

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