Best Of 2001

Best Statue At a Strip Mall: The clown at General Grant Center

We're sure there are people out there who know the name of the strip mall at 8400 Watson Rd. is the General Grant Center. But most people in our circles have taken to referring to it as "Scary Clown Plaza." Standing at least 15 feet tall, just off the curb to the street, the clown seems prepared to squirt seltzer in somebody's face or climb into a Volkswagen Beetle with several other giant performers. The look is classic -- painted white face, red round nose and elaborate lips, red-and-white-striped shirt, green vest, flowing yellow pants with red polka dots (and a matching pointy hat) and long, oversize shoes (we're thinking something along the lines of size 62). We can't put our finger on what accounts for the sinister aura that seems to surround this supposedly jovial fellow, but too many folks from diverse backgrounds have commented on it to just be coincidence.

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