Best Of 2002

Best Movie Theater: Tivoli Theatre

Three things make the Tivoli the best movie theater in St. Louis. First, the stunning architecture: Ornate ceilings, a terrazzo floor, recessed domes, beautiful arches, a deep-burgundy curtain and old movie memorabilia set the Tivoli apart from the run-of-the-mill, uninspired mall boxes. Second, the Tivoli offers movies that aren't showing anywhere else in town (except maybe at the Hi-Pointe or the Plaza Frontenac, both of which, like the Tivoli, are booked by the indie megachain Landmark). And third, the location can't be beat. The Tivoli wasn't plopped down in the middle of a suburban parking-lot hell; it's in the heart of the Loop, near a variety of restaurants and hopping nightspots. Park the car once, grab some dinner, take in a movie at the Tivoli and enjoy a martini afterward.

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