Best Of 2002

Best Costume-Jewelry Store: Hong's Trading Company

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, no doubt, but unfortunately all of us can't afford to wear them on all ten fingers. For the financially challenged, Hong's is the answer. Family-owned and run, this strip-mall mainstay has every ring, earring, bracelet, necklace and hair accessory in every color and style imaginable. From the more traditionally gaudy to the trendy and fashionable, Hong's has just the perfect necklace that will not only go with your new flouncy white skirt but will serve to divert attention from that peach bridesmaid's dress you don't want to wear, ever. Turquoise is in now you say? Hong's had it as soon as it was announced on Sex and the City. And not just costume jewelry. Hong's is the accessorizer's utopia: Sunglasses. Bags. Scarves. Belts. Most items are under five bucks, a deal no matter how green your wrist turns or how often you wear the fool's gold. High roller? Prefer sterling? They've got it at a discount. Oh, and if you're buying fake, it should at least be economical: We've seen the same pieces at chain department stores, a name brand attached, for three times as much. Spend your $20 and 30 minutes wisely. Go to Hong's and leave with a bagful of treasure.

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