Best Of 2002

Best Sex-Toy Dealer: Very Intimate Playthings

We like vacu-lock.

Once you get the base attachment, you can attach a startling array of ever-so-soft -- but firm, if you know what we mean -- rubber implements with a quick twist of the wrist. Then it's just a couple snaps onto the harness and you're good to go.

And boy, is there ever an array of attachments at V.I.P.

Ones that look like they came off German shepherds. Ones that resemble dinosaur dongs. Even several that look human. The mind boggles.

Featuring lingerie both tasteful and nasty, V.I.P. is the kind of place that attracts couples. It's a clean place run by folks who look professional, who know what they're talking about and who are patient when it comes to explaining how the various gadgets work. The store also stocks videos, DVDs and an assortment of leather-and-chain gear, which isn't really our cup of tea. We like latex and buzzing stuff that requires batteries. V.I.P. has that in spades. And vacu-lock.

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