Best Of 2002

Best Sports Bar: Weber's Front Row

Australian-rules football, sumo wrestling, surfing, the Tour de France, bass fishing. Friggin' World Cup soccer, man! All this in addition to the standard fare of football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Weber's Front Row in Old Orchard is a sports-lover's all-you-can-eat: thirteen televisions, nothing but sport -- save one, reserved for Beth the bartender's CNN, which she deserves for having to endure this much sports talk.

Decidedly a pub, Weber's doesn't boast some monster TV screen so big you can count Kurt Warner's whiskers. Nor is it trying to impress with 50 imports and microbrews on tap. Instead, people flock to Weber's because of what Weber's is: a neighborhood hangout and an ideal place to watch the game with friends, quaff a few brews and grab some good grub (bar food, of course). It's exactly what college pals Bob Weber and Jim Ferguson had in mind when they opened the doors ten years ago. Since then, the Front Row has become a haven for anyone who lives for the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

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