Best Of 2004

Best AM Radio Personality: Frank Cusumano

Frank Cusumano is best known for his anchor exploits on KSDK-TV (Channel 5) and as the sometime host of the NBC affiliate's superb Sunday-night Sports Plus, but it's in his radio work where Cusumano really shows that he's head and shoulders above everyone else in St. Louis' saturated sports market. Teamed with Bryan Burwell, Cusumano peppers KFNS' morning Press Box with just the right blend of off-color quips, local takes and laser criticism. His patter is quick, his brain fully awake after zero cups of coffee and his preparation meticulous. Unlike most moonlighters in this town, Coos takes his radio gig ultra-seriously, and the reward is the listener's. If you're tempted to dismiss Coos as cocky, consider that the fella's got a right to be.

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