Best Of 2004

Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Male): Glenn Zimmerman

After hitting snooze for an hour on a Monday morning, the last thing anyone wants to do is actually get up and face the workweek. How's a stressed St. Louisan to cope? Well, turning on the morning news on KTVI-TV (Channel 2) is always helpful. You can find out about traffic, get some local and national news updates and, most important, learn about the day's weather. Meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman is cool (he chooses an applicable weather song each day), he's funny and he's balding. But this SLU grad's not trying to hide his head under a hat. Zimmerman embraces his baldingness, even cracking a joke every now and then about it. His straight-ahead, straight-back style is a welcome change from the seemingly mandatory left part. He and his hair exude confidence, which transfers to the viewer. It wraps you in a blanket of reassurance, enabling you to rise up from your bed and face the world -- with no latent anxiety about a potential bad hair day.

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