Best Of 2004

Best Fresh Seafood Counter: Bob's Seafood

People look at us like we're crazy when we tell them that sometimes, we like to have raw fish for lunch. Not sashimi, mind you; not a prepared plate of fish with wasabi and whatnot at a Japanese restaurant. We mean a half-pound of bluefin or Alaskan king salmon, or sometimes scallops, which we ask the always-friendly folks behind the counter at Bob's to slice up for us, and which we eat with our bare hands, straight out of the plastic bag, on our way back to the office. That, friends, is the ultimate mark of fresh seafood, but it's still just one reason Bob's Seafood is the best in town. Bob and Barbara Mepham offer more than 90 varieties of fish and crustaceans, from staples like shrimp and tilapia on down to lesser-known stuff like pompano and hamachi. They supply seafood to about 100 local restaurants, and should you have any questions, they'll gladly talk your ear off about their stock and trade. And what they know about fish would fill an ocean.

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