Best Of 2004

Best Meat Counter: LeGrand's St. Louis Hills Tom-Boy Market

Longtime St. Louis Hills residents still call the place Binder's, even though Jim and Joe LeGrand bought the store on Donovan more than fifteen years ago. Regardless of what they call it, they know that LeGrand's Tom-Boy Market is the place to go for meat. Beef ground fresh daily? Got it. The thickest, choicest steaks and chops around? Check. Their own brats that rival Wisconsin's best? Youbetcha! They'll even roast a pig for you, or slice your cold cuts as thin (or thick) as you please. They serve up great barbecue, as well as a decent selection of seafood. In the intangible column, make a note of the down-home atmosphere: On any given day, the staff consists mainly of family members.

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