Best Of 2004

Best Art Supplies: Artmart

A trip to Artmart will awaken creative stirrings that were previously unknown. The dullest, most uninspired lump of clay (ahem, that's you) will suddenly feel compelled to write down every profound thought that springs forth when faced with a selection of Moleskine notebooks and blister packs of Sakura archival-quality pens (available in various line thicknesses). Or is it the array of Rhodia notepads, every size and shape imaginable, all wrapped in that fetching orange cover, that gets your creative juices flowing? Then you examine the small forest of paper available for purchase, and find single sheets of the creamiest, whitest white imaginable. Perhaps you will buy some and make your own notebook, with custom flyleaves made of gorgeous Japanese paper, with the hunks of fiber and flecks of gold leaf suspended (how?) in its surface. Of course, you'll want to carve your own frontispiece from a block of Speedball rubber, and for that you'll need a set of carving tools. And perhaps a book on bookmaking, so you can sew your own binding. Thank you, Artmart! You have helped birth the greatest artisan St. Louis will ever produce.

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