Best Of 2004

Best Place for a First Date: Wrestling at the South Broadway Athletic Club

If you want to play it safe, pick a restaurant, any restaurant. When it comes to the first date, this is a status quo, bubblegum move. Second date? Sure. But a first date that harbors any aspirations of moving on to that second date requires an eccentric, action-packed selection. And it doesn't get any more eccentric and action packed than the South Broadway Athletic Club's once-a-month (typically the second Saturday) card of Mid Missouri Wrestling Association tomfoolery. Here you and your companion will find choreographed grapplers that range in character from cavemen to Chinese warrior chicks to gay black Confederate soldiers. The popcorn is free, the whiskey is cheap, and the stands (VFW hall-style tables and chairs, really) always house an ample supply of hoosiers to amuse the two of you if the action in the ring gets stale. It may not be the most romantic way to punch your ticket, but romance is for the long haul. The first date is all about impact and creativity, and South Broadway wrasslin' has both to burn.

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