Best Of 2004

Best Ballpark Parking: The Westin

Success, as George W. Bush has so aptly proven, is all about who you know. When parking for a game at Busch Stadium (at least, this year's Busch Stadium), the man you want to know is Blue. Blue runs the front door at the Westin, just scant feet from the ballpark gates. For only a few bucks more than what you pay in the crowded garages and lots around the ballpark, you can valet park at the Westin -- and when you're getting ready to pay $8 for a beer, why are you quibbling over a $20 parking fee? Here's an even better inducement: Making Blue your friend will make life even easier. Be prepared to roll out of the stadium, step into your waiting chariot, make a quick left and be on the interstate before the other 40,000 spectators have shaken the peanut shells off their shoes. And tell Blue we said hi.

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