Best Of 2004

Best Sports Bar: Nick's Pub

How many times have you wanted to watch game five of the NBA finals and all your barmaid can find are lumberjack competitions on ESPN2? At one area watering hole that shall remain nameless (and awardless), the bartender informed us that the owner does not permit basketball to be shown on the television sets. Can you believe it? Give thanks, then, for Nick's, where employees have absolutely no problem if you switch the channels your very ownself. We recommend the upstairs area, where the numerous sets are accessible and pool is free most nights until 10 p.m. (call for details). Of course, like any sports bar, the joint sometimes fills up with meatheads who possess no appreciation for Ben Wallace's gentle fingers -- but in that eventuality, just duck around to the back near the shuffleboard table, where you can sit in relative peace and get your game on.

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