Best Of 2005

Best Rock Radio Program: Coin-Operated Radio

A quick algebraic theory: The kickass-itude of a radio program is inversely proportional to the buckage in our bank account. The theory in practice: Coin-Operated Radio is the rockingest show on the airwaves, and we're totally broke. Each Saturday from 6 to 8 p.m., as we spritz Chanel No. 5 on our pulse points in preparation for an evening of makeouts, we listen to KDHX DJs Nico and Gordo. And then we grab a pen and scribble a list: CDs to Buy Now. Indie-rock visionary John Vanderslice. The hot retro house of Japanese mastermind Tanaka Shibuya-kei (a.k.a. Fantastic Plastic Machine). Fear of a Black Tangent, the newest joint from underground rapper Busdriver. On Sunday we rush to the record store, and then on Monday we check our bank balance and hear a flushing sound. But music pays dividends: It makes our commute happier, fires our muse, provides an excellent soundtrack to an evening with friends. Thanks, Coin-Operated Radio -- we owe you one.

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