Best Of 2005

Best Electronics for the Audiophile: Music for Pleasure

Love your music? Sure you do. But what have you done for your music lately? Given it anything nice? An iPod, you say? Gimme a break! What with those nasty mp3s and those skanky little earbuds, you've been mistreatin' your music, Clem. Doesn't it deserve better? How about a T+A CD player with a tube output stage -- mmmm, that'll only set you back $9,500. But your music'll love you long time for it. And a nice pair of speakers are a song's best friend. Treat your music to a pair of AAD 7001 nearfield monitors. Or maybe those Martin Logan electrostatics -- those'll make your tunes sit up and take notice. So get on over to Music for Pleasure -- they've got listening room after listening room tricked out with the area's best selection of audiophile gear -- and get your music something nice. Sure you love your music. But you want your music to love you back, don'cha?

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