Who you callin' fat?

Us, that's who. And what of it? How else to describe the Best of St. Louis 2005? It's a hefty, strapping, burly extravaganza of the finest this town has to offer, from bands to bars, batting cages to blogs, bagels to beer.

And that doesn't even begin to crack the seal on the B's.

If we're a bit biased — and we do like to think we know what's good for you — we're also broad-minded. So we asked you, our readers, to weigh in on scores of topics.

And boy, did you! Despite the occasional bout of ballot-box stuffing (we're looking at you, Drunken Fish), it turns out we actually agree on a few things. Such as the Black Thorn Pub's prodigious pizzas, the Chase Park Plaza's posh environs, Spankys primo porn selection and, yes, Cindy Preszler's hair.

And although we don't always see eye to eye, on this everyone must concur:

When it comes to the Best of St. Louis, bigger is better.