Best Of 2006

Best Cheese Counter: The Wine & Cheese Place

You've been instructed to bring a cheese plate to the potluck this year, and you're way out in the weeds (although you're pretty sure Velveeta ain't gonna cut it). Thank goodness for the Wine & Cheese Place! These guys love cheese more than you love your mother. But they're not going to steer you into some goat's-milk concoction that was aged by Basques in a cave for three years while covered with wet leaves (the cheese, not the Basques). No, they'll size you up for something more accessible to start out with—a nice Port-Salut, say. The ice thus broken, maybe you'll lean in the direction of something a little more adventurous, like a lavender cheddar—and sure, you can taste some before you decide whether to buy. Speaking of taste, while you're here you should consider a bottle or two of wine to pair with your platter (and some crackers), so the cheese doesn't have to stand alone.

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