Best Of 2006

Best Restroom in a Restaurant: Baileys' Chocolate Bar

Everybody pees. To take the truism a step further: Everybody pees during a night out at a bar, and a large percentage of the Great Peeing Everybody do so more than once. So it would stand to reason that bar owners—perhaps the keenest observers of human nature—would provide clean, comfy water closets. But as anyone who has stumbled into a dank, toilet-paperless stall can tell you, that ain't always the case. Banish the bad memories with a trip to the superlative loo at Baileys' Chocolate Bar. The bathroom's on the basement level, so you'll have to negotiate some stairs (slightly tricky after one Thin Mint martini, downright algebraic after two). Once you're about two-thirds of the way down, you'll realize: This ceiling is low. Not just quaint-old-building low, but Alice in Wonderland low. Whoa. Then you'll smile as you realize the strange sensation is completely intentional the hallway to the bathrooms (two individual rooms, both unisex) is decorated with sketches of Alice's own "Drink Me"/"Eat Me" potions and pills. But the hall, as trippy-cool as it is, has nothing on the WCs. These gorgeous rooms, suitable for the Queen of Hearts herself, are illuminated by flickering candlelight. Wall-mounted vases hold fresh red roses; countertop baskets are stacked high with paper towels nicer than most people's bedsheets (ours, anyway). If the Chocolate Bar itself weren't so enticingly wonderful, we'd never want to leave this subterranean pee palace. As it is, we'll head back up the stairs, back to our friends and our delicious chocolate martini, knowing we're destined to descend again. Soon.