Best Of 2006

Best Place to Hike: Rockwoods Reservation

Like you, dear reader, most of the time we're too busy shopping, eating out, drinking wine and watching Law & Order to even think about going on a hike, much less weigh the options of where. That's why we love Rockwoods Reservation. This forested haven offers seven trails for the hiking one of which is only 300 yards long! If the tiny trail is nice for a stroll between episodes, the Trail Among the Trees is the tops. It's a one-and-a-half-mile meander, and if you pick up a brochure before you start, you'll be well versed in all items of interest along the way. Try to find the hidden cave on the first half of the trail; it will provide a cool breeze and challenge your sense of adventure. The less courageous needn't worry about the path being too treacherous sometimes stairs and bridges help you along. (Note to the genuinely intrepid: Rockwoods offers some longer, non-interpretive trails for y'all, too.)

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