Best Of 2007

Best Breakfast with a Hangover: Courtesy Diner

Hangover's a bastard. Dude drops by your apartment unannounced, drinks all your beer and tells your girlfriend something so outrageous you won't get laid for a week. Then after waking you up by playing the TV too loud and slamming the bathroom door whenever he goes in there to puke, Hangover has the cojones to ask what's for breakfast. Don't punch him in the face. Take him to Courtesy Diner and stuff his maw with black coffee and a slinger. The grease bomb will soak up the last few drops of alcohol in his system, and the no-nonsense waitresses will cow him into submission. If a slinger's too much even for Hangover, opt for a simple, tasty cheeseburger. Just find something that works. You know Hangover will be back — probably tomorrow.

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