Best Of 2007

Best Taqueria: La Vallesana

La Vallesana packs some of the tastiest — and cheapest — food in St. Louis into a squat structure not much bigger than your average backyard shed. Here you can feast on the best tacos in town, bar none. Several different meats are available, but the absolute best taco you will eat in your life is the taco al pastor: pork, chunks of pineapple, onion and cilantro in a corn tortilla, served with a smoky, searing red salsa and a sharper, nearly just as searing green salsa. Burritos are fantastic, especially with chorizo — half as big as those from the American chains, but twice as flavorful — and tortas manage to stuff a burrito's worth of meat and condiments between two halves of a tasty bolillo (the staple Mexican white-bread roll). Still hungry? La Vallesana sells its homemade ice cream in a parlor across the street.

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