Best Of 2007

Best CD/Record Store: Euclid Records

Where there's a college, there are college kids who need beer money. And where there are thirsty post-adolescents, well, there's usually a better-than-average record store. Like Euclid Records, whose proximity to Webster University ensures that its used bin is always chock-full of new indie-rock releases, bizarre old-school gems and classic-rock staples — thus proving the adage that one man's trash is another's PBR money. But the diversity and quality of Euclid's stock is nearly unparalleled even beyond these bargains — whether your preferred format of choice is CD, DVD or LP. (Especially LP: The store's vinyl room takes up nearly half its floor space, and its new-releases section — with a heavy emphasis on collector-quality 180-gram vinyl — makes even the generous CD rack look puny.) Take a lazy afternoon and peruse the dusty CD racks for imports and rarities, poke through the thousands of 45s for that rare Elvis Costello picture sleeve or simply sample unknown tunes because you like the album cover. For Champagne tastes on a Natty Light budget, discerning music fans head to Euclid.

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