Best Of 2007

Best Newsstand: World News Ltd.

Now in its fortieth year of operation, and facing an almost-certain relocation (the building has been sold, but there's no timetable for the move), World News Ltd. in Clayton remains the go-to spot for print-media fiends. The nondescript storefront at the corner of Forsyth Boulevard and South Central Avenue in Clayton is home to a voluminous selection. We're talking everything from Bowhunting Magazine to the French edition of Vogue, with gazillions of titles spanning all the interests in between. You'll even find a nice collection of literary journals (like Bellevue and McSweeney's Quarterly Concern), stacks of newspapers from Europe and the Middle East, and the Daily Racing Form. Beyond periodicals, World News also keeps a collection of current best sellers and St. Louis history books. The beauty of a shop like this is its twofold effect on your mind: You realize how much you don't know, and then how much you can learn.

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