Best Of 2008

Best Local TV Commercial: Dave Sinclair Automotive Group

In spite of everything that clutters our screens, there actually can be dignity in local television commercials. Auto dealer Dave Sinclair proves it. For years this salesman has politely and respectfully come into our homes to tout his dealerships ("Hi, I'm Dave Sinclair, your south-county Ford dealer..."). Now he's doing more than just that. He's trying to save the American automaking industry. In Dutch-uncle style — or as close to one as the genial Sinclair can approximate — he admonishes us to support those companies that are headquartered right here in the US of A, he insists that we vote American with our car-buying dollars and he chastises us for not seeing the difference between cars that are assembled here and those whose companies are headquartered here. You might or might not be in the market for a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury (or Buick, Pontiac or GMC) automobile, but you've gotta admire the man's patriotic spunk.

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