Best Of 2009

Best Place to Go Cougar Hunting: The Jive & Wail

So you say you saw a parade of underdressed, lasciviously lifted, high-heeled, spray-tanned sexpots on the streets of Maplewood? It's Thursday, bro. Cougars are on the p-r-o-w-l. Jive & Wail, a piano bar/bar/hookup factory, has been hosting a two-fer-one Ladies Night for a year or so now, during which time it has consistently bested itself as the place to hunt fresh cougar meat. (Easy, killer, that's two-for-one drinks — though you never know....) Not much strategy required in this joint, what with the sheer amount of caged heat wanting to bust out and play. Do bear in mind that some cougs prefer to buy the drinks — the power structure in the animal kingdom's a little different.