Best Of 2009

Best Furniture Store: Good Works Outlet

Watched local TV anytime in the past year? Then you know we're a town that likes our furniture to play hard to get as an advertising strategy. Goedeker's? Not open on Sunday. Weekends Only? Opposite approach (it's even in the name of the store). The Good Works Outlet just a few blocks north of the Delmar Loop is even more selective than Weekends Only: It's only open on Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m., which amounts to a paltry twelve hours each week. Don't let the converted garage showroom or the word "outlet" throw you: Think less of a weekly scratch-and-dent sale for the main Good Works store on Delmar and more of chairs, armoires and sideboards orphaned when a complete set of furniture was split up by a previous buyer.

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