Best Of 2010

Best Metal Band: Sine Nomine

Coming up in the age when metal was bastardized by a lack of musicianship and a flood of emotion, Sine Nomine came on to the scene like a beast in the night, stripped of all pretense. Formed in the early '00s as a quartet, the band emerged as an unrelenting force defined by the technical prowess of its members. Never forming an allegiance to one genre, Sine Nomine effortlessly blends thrash metal and grindcore with seamless grace to create a colossal barrage of focused dissonance. Live and on record, it's easy to see the blackened blast beats of Mike Frisella race wildly against the hyper squall of dueling guitarists Derek Yeager and Doug Huttegger. Unlike most metal bands, this mind-melding trio need not focus on cartoonish imagery or genre-defining propaganda. Following a brief hiatus in 2006, a welcomed reunion in 2008 and a new record in the works, Sine Nomine's promise has ripened, proving the the band's staying power in a disillusioned world of expressed aggression.

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