Best Of 2010

Best Underground Club: Floating Laboratories

Since its establishment in June 2009, Floating Laboratories has emerged as the premier St. Louis venue for outsider/underground music. Built into the bluffs along the Mississippi River, FL offers a secluded, nurturing sanctuary for experimental troubadours, analog synthesis and art installation. Originally designed as a studio for founder Kevin Harris, the venue has evolved into a concert space showcasing acts ranging from free jazz thrashers Tiger Hatchery to Fluxus wonder Crank Sturgeon to ambient demigod Rene Hell. Blessed with beautiful acoustics fortified by vast colorful walls, the space is a treat for sound designers and listeners alike. In contrast to other venues, FL is enriched with an atmosphere; performers get beguiling views of the Mississippi, complete with tugboats in the distance and the occasional full moon. Gaining momentum with legendary performances from renowned acts such as Pocahaunted and Keith Fullerton Whitman, Floating Laboratories has already garnered a national reputation as the ideal DIY space in St. Louis. Whether it's art school professors, curious twentysomethings or avant-garde enthusiasts, the crowds return to satisfy their need for sonic identity and transcendental sound.

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