Best Of 2010

Best Whole Roast Chicken: Don Carlos

Devotees of roast chicken will espouse its many charms: the succulent meat, the satisfaction of stripping every morsel from the bird, the sweet grease that coats fingers and face after a job well done. We'd never admit as much to our cardiologist, but the not-so-secret pleasure of a whole roast chicken is the skin — the crisp, salty shell that serves as an aperitif to the main course itself. At Don Carlos, the bird's skin is crisped to an amber hue, and its crunchy crackle heralds the good things to come. Don Carlos is the restaurant that's attached to the mercado/carniceria Latino Americano on Cherokee Street's bustling Mexican corridor, and the roast chicken served there (whole or by the half), is an absoute delight. Served with rice, beans, corn tortillas and a sweet, spicy sauce, a Don Carlos roast chicken is a miniature feast. Enjoying it on Don Carlos' covered patio while watching the always vibrant scene along Cherokee only adds to the experience.

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