One Monster of an Issue

You'd think that after decades of research and blurb writing, this Best of St. Louis dealio would be a well-oiled machine.
Truth be told, though, it's a real beast!
Of course, we mean that in only the best way. Scouring the mean streets is hard work, but it offers unparalleled opportunities for immediate gratification, and we're all about immediate gratification. Why, if we hadn't been looking, we might not have taken note of standouts like Herb'n Maid's green cleaning service , the Riverside Flea Market in Grafton ,the tucked-away-but-tasty eatery Slo-Tom's Lounge — to say nothing of GoGo McGregor's burlesque act or Jaime Garcia's butt!
As is our custom, we fully intend to celebrate all 400-plus winners — and all of our readers — with a gala bash. You want food, drinks and the chance to rub elbows with beaucoup Best-itude? This year's event is scheduled for Thursday, November 4, from 7 till 11 p.m. at the City Museum downtown. The $10 ticket price includes admission, three drinks, plus entertainment and food courtesy of Best of St. Louis winners. (Must be 21 to attend.) For more information and to reserve a ticket, visit:
While we've got your attention, we'd like to thank the game-for-anything folks at the NonProphet Theater Company, who modeled for the beastly photos that accompany this year's edition, as well as Johnnie Brock's Dungeon, which supplied the props, and the Koken Art Factory, which generously made available their space.
And now, till next year, we wish you all the...wait for it...beast!
— RFT staff and contributors

Writers: Jessica Baran, Diana Benanti, Dennis Brown, Suzy Crancer, Mark Dischinger, Meghan Edmonds, Tom Finkel, Brooke Foster, Paul Friswold, Ian Froeb, Chad Garrison, Keegan Hamilton, Steve Hardy, Kristen Hinman, Roy Kasten, Kristen Klempert, Josh Levi, Aimee Levitt, Alicia Lohmar, Kristie McClanahan, William Melton, Dean Minderman, Katie Moulton, Alissa Nelson, Dave Nelson, Nicholas Phillips, Christian Schaeffer, Aaron Schafer, Alison Sieloff, Bill Streeter, Dara Strickland, Ryan Wasoba, Kristy Wendt, Robin Wheeler, Kase Wickman, Chrissy Wilmes, Annie Zaleski

Operations manager: Kristie McClanahan

Design: Tom Carlson

Photography: Jennifer Silverberg

Photographer's assistant: Theo R. Welling

Models: Brendan Allen, Sarajane Alverson, Nicole Angeli, Laura Coppinger, Paula Mary Stoff Dean, Sarah Lynne Holt, Chris M.R. Jones, Ben Ritchie, B. Weller, Kirsten Marie Wylder

Monster props: Johnnie Brock's Dungeon

Studio space: Koken Art Factory

Layout: Kholood Eid

Ballot tally: Courtney Schilling

Fact-checking and proofreading: Meghan Edmonds, Courtney Schilling

Editorial coordinators: Courtney Schilling, Alison Sieloff

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