Best Of 2010

Best Lightning Rod: Dana Loesch

Mom-blogger. Tea-Partier. Host of radio's The Dana Show. Oh, and don't forget, a former liberal. Dana Loesch's metamorphosis has proven quite the spectacle. The self-described smart aleck from south county is now a frequent commentator for Tea Party causes on nightly cable news channels, from MSNBC to CNN to FOX News, and the conservative media baron Andrew Breitbart counts her as one of his most popular contributors on All of which makes St. Louis lefties' blood boil: You don't hear many of 'em phoning into her radio program on KFTK (97.1 FM) to protest, but drop her name in the local Twitterverse or blogosphere, and the haters come out to feast like flies on fruit. Loesch used to be part of St. Louis' social-media tribe — in fact, she helped organize it — but now seems destined for a much bigger platform. Her own TV show? Maybe. Or maybe she'll just found her own nation.

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