Best Of 2011

Best Rock Radio Program: Juxtaposition

As a concept, rock & roll has become the ultimate abstraction, a tag so overused it's best reserved for music recorded prior to 1970 — it certainly can't be applied to anything made in the last quarter of a century, at least not with a straight face. It's no secret that mainstream radio has suffered a particular dearth of quality rock music in recent years, which is why we're pretty much constantly tuned into 88.1 on the FM dial. Rob Levy's Wednesday-night program Juxtaposition typifies what's still rock & roll about modern music. Be it pop-laced, shoegazey or some other indie varietal, Levy's a tried hand at culling the cream and finding the music that proves it doesn't have to be old to be good. From Pulp to the Vaccines, Levy is the audiophile you want in your ear.

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